The Golf Program is held Tuesday and Thursday’s in the summer with morning groups starting at roughly 9am and mid day groups starting at roughly 11am. The golfers will be put into groups of 3-5 players and be accompanied by a coach / mentor. We will work on skills and etiquette while playing 9 holes at local golf courses. Each day will include competitive games incorporated into the round. At the end of the summer we will have a tournament with handicaps to give everyone a chance at winning the trophy and honor of HA Champion Golfer Of The Year. The program runs from June 11th to August 22nd. We will take the week of 4th of July off (7/2 and 7/4). You can register for a full 20 pack or half 10 pack. Another option is Pay As You Play which is on a per session basis. Click below to register…



Standings Point Leaders Final

Holden Pajor 54 Points

Mikey Berchild 53 Points

Tyson Mahady 52 Points

Hudson Craft 47 Points

heiberg_athletics_golf_jack_rain.jpg .jpg