Heiberg Athletics Mission Statement

To develop character, teamwork, confidence, and athletic skills in young athletes through passionate coaching and mentoring.

Staff :


Nick Heiberg

Director of Heiberg Athletics

Nick Heiberg has been coaching hockey for 16 years, most of them in Minnetonka, where he grew up playing for the Skippers in multiple sports. For 10 of the 16 years, he has been a head coach for Minnetonka Youth Hockey. Nick has coached kids of all ages, from Squirts (10- and 11-year-olds) to High School Varsity. Heiberg Athletics launched in 2016 with Nick as the director and lead instructor. Including his time with Minnetonka Hockey and Heiberg Athletics, Nick estimates that he has worked closely with over 500 kids. 

There were several things about Nick which were impressive: 1-Integrity of Character- during the course of a long season, serving many constituencies, there are many opportunities to test one’s character. Nick routinely made decisive decisions which were fair and equitable to all parties, whether it was equal playing time for players or handling situations that arose. 2-Commitment- Often I stayed at the rink and observed practice. I was impressed by the fact he never missed a practice, he was always at the rink well in advance of the scheduled practice time and he was prepared to orchestrate a purposeful practice. 3- Respect- It was interesting to watch the young men interact with Nick. He treated them with respect and was interested in how they were doing inside and outside the rink. He genuinely cared about the players. The respect he directed towards the players made them feel important and resulted in the players working especially hard for their coach. Fun- The kids looked forward to going to practices! Nick worked them hard and taught them the game, but always kept it fun.
— David F, Minnetonka Hockey Dad